Sun Damaged Skin Burlingame

Age/Sun Spots, Sun Damage & Photo Damage

Skinlastiq Medical Laser Cosmetic Spa treats sun damage

As people age and are exposed to Ultraviolet (UV), it is common for skin to form unappealing blemishes, commonly called age spots. They appear on the face and back of the hands. The spots tend to be clearly defined, round, brown or black, flat blotches. Age spots are harmless and are not painful.

Photo damaged or sun damaged skin occurs with exposure to sunlight (UVA or UVB). It happens whether or not we deliberately suntan and can also come from tanning bed usage. Photo damage, rather than the normal aging process, has been shown to account for around 90 percent of cosmetic skin problems associated with age.

Skinlastiq Medical Laser Cosmetic Spa offers patients non-invasive treatments that can help lessen sun damage and improve the texture and tone of your skin.