woman with uneven skin texture

woman with uneven skin texture
  1. A buildup of dead cells can make your skin’s texture uneven, which can contribute to making you look older. At Skinlastiq, we offer a full range of treatments to revitalize your appearance.Uneven skin may be:
    • Rough
    • Bumpy
    • Dry
    • Dull looking

    While everyone wants smooth and glowing skin, for several us, this gets harder to achieve after puberty hits. From hormonal acne to skin discoloration, it’s hard to catch a break from all the random things your skin will throw at you. Here are a few things you can do to help achieve smoother skin and improve your skin texture:

    • Put on SPF: You’ve probably been told this a million times, but SPF is one of the most important skincare products when it comes to keeping your skin’s texture clear and youthful. Sunblock is the best way to prevent wrinkles and fine lines! It also helps reduce redness and unevenness in skin and is the best way to help keep your skin supple.
    • Exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin is a natural process that helps regenerate skin by removing any dead skin cells from the surface, revealing healthy skin. There are also plenty of devices on the market that you can use to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It is an efficient and quick way to get rid of dull skin fast!
    • Use Vitamin C: There are a variety of vitamin C-infused serums and moisturizers on the market and you need to be taking advantage of this powerful antioxidant and add it to your skincare routine. Vitamin C can help you improve your skin’s texture by restoring and protecting your skin from environmental damage. It also helps reduce hyperpigmentation, scar tissue, and age spots. Adding vitamin C into your skincare routine now can help you keep your skin young, fresh and soft for years to come!
    • Start Using Oils: Oil-based products are great for regulating sebum production in skin. It can help make your skin supple, yet balanced, and smooth. If you need balance or extra moisture in your skin, incorporating face oils into your nightly skincare regimen to wake up with baby-soft skin.
    • Specialized Treatments: At Skinlastiq, we use the Morpheus 8 for a non-invasive procedure to produce lasting results in a controlled environment. The vShape Ultra allows our doctor to reach deeper into the skin to achieve maximum results.

    If you are interested in learning more about our treatments and more about how you can improve the health and appearance of your skin, give Skinlastiq a call today at (650) 542-7055