There are many common aesthetic concerns that bother us, especially ones that begin to appear as we age. These bothersome aesthetic conditions are often difficult to improve.

Our Icon™ 1540 Fractional Laser technology has been proven to improve the condition of skin quickly and easily. It was developed with safety and efficiency in mind and uses laser energy microbeams to target areas of affected tissue, extending through the epidermis into the dermis.

Our body’s natural healing process generates new, healthy tissue to replenish the areas of affected tissue, which results in healthier, younger-looking skin.

Areas of Concern:

It works on all skin types and shades, including very light and very dark skin color. Most sessions last around an hour and it has the ability to treat numerous conditions over time. Get the confidence you need and the results you desire today with Icon™ 1540 Fractional Laser at Skinlastiq.

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