Skin Care Treatments in Burlingame, San Mateo

When you come into Skinlastiq Med Spa, you will have a broad range of cosmetic corrective treatments available at your fingertips. Our staff members will listen to your skin care goals and help you to customize a treatment program that meets the needs of your individual skin type.

All of our estheticians are specially trained in skin care and meet the requirements to provide you with exceptional services. Our on-site dermatologist is also available to be consulted when necessary to ensure your skin care regimen is the most appropriate for you. At Skinlastiq, we use advanced and time-tested treatments and products to refresh and restore the appearance of your skin. Below you will find a list of skin care services available at our medspa.


A medical office may not seem like the first place you would call to schedule a facial appointment, but the ability to receive a relaxing facial under the guidance of a trained medical professional is just one of the many benefits of a medspa. At Skinlastiq, we combine a spa experience with a large variety of products only found in physician offices. These products are specially selected to guarantee that you will find the product right for your skin. And you can trust our recommendations. We do not offer our staff a commission for the sale of any products. Instead, our estheticians have your best interest in mind and make it their goal to provide the products that best match your needs.

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Chemical Peels

Remember when we said we only use time-tested treatments? Chemical peels are amongst the many we have to offer at Skinlastiq. Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, this skin treatment has a long-standing history of proven results as an anti-aging and blemish correcting treatment. Over the decades, chemical peels have been reformulated and are now offered in a variety of options suitable for individual skin care needs.

Modern science and recent advances in the skin care industry have resulted in chemical peels that meet expectations time and time again. During your consultation, your esthetician will determine which chemical peel will achieve your goals and can adjust a chemical peel to cater specifically to your individual skin type. While chemical peels continue to have exceptional anti-aging effects, they have also been known to reduce or eliminate pre-cancerous skin growth.

Acne Treatments

If you are a long time sufferer of acne, you may have learned by now that acne is not as simple to treat as solely applying daily products. Acne should be treated on a case-by-case basis with treatments catered specifically to an individual’s skin type, healthcare needs, and problem areas. Our staff will customize an aggressive and holistic treatment plan to finally free your skin of blemishes and allow you to take back control of your appearance.

Skin Irregularities

Have you heard the saying that we are our hardest critics? When it comes to blemishes and skin irregularities, this is certainly true. When we look in the mirror, we see flaws in our skin that some people around us may not notice. But the truth is, you are not alone. In fact, skin irregularities are more common than you think. Some may appear at birth while others don’t present themselves until we have aged. But in all cases, skin irregularities happen to most people.

At Skinlastiq we understand that the irregularities you see in the mirror can be upsetting or frustrating despite how common they are. That is why we are here to provide our expertise and banish irregularities once and for all. Our modern techniques are targeted at treating irregularities such as fibromas, oil glands, benign growths, acne pimples, skin tags, and milia.

Skin Care Consultations

As we have mentioned above, when you come into Skinlastiq Medspa, our estheticians will discuss your skin care goals and assess your skin type and individual needs. Whether you want to correct skin irregularities or you are ready to refresh your skin and eliminate all signs of aging, our certified staff will work with you to recommend advanced and effective products and treatments as part of a personalized skin care program. We will then act as your skin care coach as your travel down the path to a smoother, softer, younger and more radiantly appearance.