Sclerotherapy Treatment for Varicose and Spider Veins in Burlingame, San Mateo

Unattractive spider veins obviously create a significant impact on your look. They make you look older than your present age. With this, Skinlastiq Medical Spa takes action on this tragic issue by offering sclerotherapy. The latter is a procedure designed to help eliminate the veins that have been bothering you for quite some time now. We will help you restore your smooth and youthful skin complexion with the sclerotherapy procedure.*

What is Sclerotherapy?

So, what is sclerotherapy all about? From its suffix therapy, it indicates a treatment procedure. In this case, sclerotherapy is known to be the most effective method of treating spider veins and not very small and not very big varicose veins around the legs and thigh areas. It is done by injecting a solution type of treatment directly into the veins.*

The solution injected directly into the veins will create irritations into the lining of the vessels. This reaction will make the veins swell and stick together. It will further create blood clots. Over a period of time, the blood vessel will collapse and develop a scar on the tissues that will eventually fade away.*

What are Spider Veins?

It’s probably your first time to hear about the word spider veins. However, with the latter, you already have an idea in mind that it pertains about the veins in your body. To be more specific about this terminology, we will discuss it here.*

Spider veins are tiny blood vessels that come in blue, red, and purple colors. They are usually evident in the ankles, face, legs, and thighs. They come with a unique branching pattern. Hence, they can be easily recognized, and they normally become more significant as people grow in age. There are a relevant number of factors that contribute to the development of spider veins which involved the following list below.*

  • A significant history of blood clots.
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Changes in hormonal phase during pregnancy or menopause period
  • Congenital aspects
  • Hormonal replacement medication or using birth control pills
  • Sitting or standing passively for a long period of time.

The above-mentioned factors attribute to the existence of spider veins. So, when you are guilty of those factors mentioned, don’t wonder anymore if you will find spider veins on your legs or thighs.*

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What to Expect During Sclerotherapy Procedure?

The therapy involves a basic procedure that can be performed in the doctor’s office without the need for anesthesia. It can only take as fast as 15 minutes or about an hour depending on the number spider veins being treated in one sclerotherapy session. Below is a list of the proper expectations that you will meet during the treatment process.*

  • The doctor will sterilize the site where the injection is going to be inserted with alcohol before the therapy will start.
  • The attending doctor will inject the chemical solution directly into your vein by using a small needle. This step will be performed while you are lying down comfortably on your back and your legs are moderately elevated.
  • The chemicals injected into your vein will close the vein through cell lining irritation. The latter causes inflammation of the vein, and thus, scarring the vein’s wall.

When there are a few veins that require treatment, the bigger veins will be injected first before the smaller ones. The injection will start from the thigh down to the calves and ankles. Normally, those veins which are most inconvenient to you will be injected first before the other veins.*

You may feel a little pain with a burning sensation during the injection process. You must inform your doctor if the sensation is unbearable or not. However, it is not usual to get an acute burning sensation. It is a rare situation. When this situation happens, it means that the sclera solution has spilled out from the vein into the tissue surrounding it.*

What Should I Observe After My Sclerotherapy Treatment?

After injection, your veins may look inflamed or red. This occurrence implies that the sclerosing solution is working. Your doctor will depress the injected site and apply gauze or other wrappings to help with the compression. Additionally, your doctor will let you wear a compression garment or stocking after the procedure is done to aid in collapsing the treated veins to help in the healing process.*

  • The compression method will help to prevent blood from being trapped in the concerned vein. It also keeps the walls of the vein undamaged so that the scarring step can take in place. You are expected to wear the compression garment for around one week after your treatment. Some doctors would highly recommend to wearing the compression garments for up to a maximum of 3 weeks to get the best result.*

In addition, you will be advised to walk around and do a mild exercise to maintain your blood circulation after the procedure. You are also expected to be back at work and perform your usual, normal activities on the same day. Moreover, you are expected for a follow-up visit a week after or a couple of weeks.*

When Will I See The Complete Result Of The Treatment?

The complete result of the sclerotherapy procedure can’t be certainly seen in one session. You may be advised by the doctor to take a few sessions to get the desired result. This number of sessions of the treatment will greatly depend on the severity of the spider vein problems.*

In case you are required for a few more sessions, you are expected to heal completely from the first session before even going to the next one. Your complete recovery will be about utmost 4 weeks.*

When the doctor can already determine that your first session has completely healed, you will be set for the next sclerotherapy session.*

Treated veins will disappear permanently. However, some instances that new vein issues develop, other patients, undergo additional treatment to resolve all vein problems completely.*

Am I a Good Candidate For Sclerotherapy?

We at Skinlastiq Medical Spa in Burlingame take pride with our commitment to providing personalized care to our clients. We only administer and provide treatments to our clients if it is in the best interest of the client. With this in mind, we determine the suitability of a client’s candidacy for all the treatments and procedures we offer individually.*

We mean individually because we treat our patients with distinctness to ensure that we are able to address all valuable and viable information that we need before we can administer any treatment or if the client can undergo such treatments.*

Our clients’ well-being is extremely important to us. We stand by the principle that our clients’ best interests must come first before anything else. We don’t perform any treatment unless we are assured that you are suitable for the treatments you want.*

Withal, we will talk with you personally, and discuss all details in private with utmost confidentiality. During the consultation, we will have a thorough discussion about your beautification objectives such as your concerns, cosmetic goals, and desires.*

Therefore, almost anyone who is inconveniently bothered by the unattractive spider veins and wants to resolve the condition is a possible candidate for Sclerotherapy. In the initial consultation, we will inform or advise you whether you are a suitable candidate for our treatment or what are the alternatives that you can avail at the Skinlastiq Medical Spa.*

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We highly encourage you to schedule an in-depth consultation today. So, you will have all the answers you need. We will discuss further the best sclerotherapy available for you to help you with your vein problems. We will give you all the details that you need to know about sclerotherapy and other treatments our medical spa offers.

During your consultation with us, we will make sure that all valuable information that you need to know is tackled. We will ensure that you will have all the understanding how a particular procedure or treatment is performed. We will lay out to you properly the expectations that you need to meet for the treatment. Moreover, we will discuss everything during the consultation process.

In the said meeting, we will also let you know if you are an ideal candidate or not for the particular procedure chosen, and we will give you other alternatives that suit you better.