Erase the Signs of Melasma With Laser Skin Treatment

Melasma is a hormone-triggered pigmentation that results from an imbalance of hormones. Hormone levels can become altered as a result of pregnancy (hence the name “mask of pregnancy”), hormonal birth control use, and menopause. Some cases of melasma have also occurred from side effects of medicine and vitamins. While most cases of melasma show up on the face, we treat it on all parts of the body.*

When you come into Skinlastiq for the treatment of melasma, we will take the time to discuss your symptoms with you to better determine the underlying cause that triggered melasma. Knowing what is going on internally helps us to provide better a comprehensive skin care program that meets your individual needs.*

Fortunately, some causes of melasma are avoidable, and we will work with you to discover if this pertains to you. Either way, however, the skin condition can easily be corrected with the use of the most advanced fractional laser skin resurfacing technology—the Palomar Icon XD/XF. To get the best results, we recommend coming in for several treatment sessions spaced two months apart.*

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