Cosmetic Laser Dermatology: Skin Care Treatments in Burlingame, Millbrae & San Mateo

Are you planning to reverse or rectify the signs of aging? Do you want to rejuvenate a vibrant and young looking skin? Here at Skinlastiq Medical Spa, we provide many options for facial restoration that include various state-of-the-art laser skin treatment services that will aid you in a few years back off your look, so that you will look and feel extremely best. *

Our laser dermatology utilizes energy for thermal light to soften and lessen the look of wrinkles. Our laser treatments can tighten your skin, treat your spider veins, and remove undesirable hair as well as achieve a lot of aesthetic goals. These laser treatments are extremely small extent invasive and obtain outstanding results. *

The most effective way to determine the appropriate laser treatment option for you is to consult and talk to Dr. Kanen, the licensed medical expert of these treatments. You may set a consultation today with the phone number 650.542.7055. *

How Can Laser Skin Care Treatments Help You?

The results described or shown will vary based on a variety of factors.

We strive hard to give you different options in treating your flaws or addressing your aesthetic goals. We are able to do this through providing you extensive laser treatments that can completely address whatever skin care problems you have. *

We can utilize the laser treatments in a whole lot of ways and methods. We listed down the techniques and procedures where we can apply the laser treatments. *

  • Corrections on skin flaws or imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles, rosacea, spots on aging, and sun damage. *
  • Removal of vitiated upper skin layers, and undesirable body hair. *
  • Improvement or Rectification on undesirable skin features such as acne scars, spider veins, and stretch marks. *
  • Lessen the features of cellulite. *
  • Generate a more vibrant and a youthful looking skin. *
  • Stimulation of collagen growth to advocate beautifully replenished and healthy skin. *
  • The tightness of skin features to look younger than age. *
  • Treatment of areas with loose or sagging skin. *

We take pride in using the leading non-invasive set of Cynosure lasers in the industry for everything from the common applications on anti-aging facial treatments to acne therapy precision. *

The Cynosure’s SmartSkin CO2 that’s in our laser treatments addresses the brown spots and other skin imperfections like the wrinkles as well as in the stimulation of collagen. Moreover, the Cynosure Elite laser treatment can treat hyperpigmentation. It is a powerful tool that can rectify the effects of hyperpigmentation. Aside from this, the Cynosure Affirm that’s also in our laser treatment can ideally work well for moderate pigmentation flaws, and in addition, it also functions effectively for skin renewal and injuries on the vascular part of the body by replenishing them. *

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List of Our Current Laser Skin Treatments

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Aging is a slow process that can often sneak up on us. Thankfully, advanced technology like laser revitalization treatments gives us the ability to turn back the clock and look as young as we feel. Laser treatments can begin smoothing fine lines and wrinkles in as little as one treatment without the pain of needles or invasive surgeries. *

The most modern in laser techniques resurface the skin by vaporizing your damaged skin cells. Each treatment works to remove these cells layer by layer, eventually resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance. Most laser procedures are capable of treating conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, melasma, and acne scars with little to no recovery period following a treatment. *

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

This pioneering technology of laser treatment entails two treatments that are coupled as one. The fractional CO2 laser treatment allows the reappearance of a beautiful, young looking skin and the rejuvenation of the deep-seated skin. *

Overall, Fractional CO2 laser treatment softens the wrinkles, lessen the look of the pores, smoothes uneven pigmentation and a whole lot more. Most of all, after the completion of the painless treatment procedure with the micro-ablative Fractional CO2 treatment, you can apply makeup and go back to your normal lifestyle in as minimum as 3 days. *

Hyperpigmented Lesion Treatment

At our Skinlastiq Medical Spa in Burlingame, we treat common dark patches on the face with our special laser treatments in hyperpigmentation. We specifically have two special laser treatments for hyperpigmentation skin issues. Our laser treatment contains Cynosure Elite MPX Laser System which is also commonly called as photo facial treatment that can cure sun and spots of aging or freckles on the clients. *

These brown or dark spots can be found on the shoulders, face, chest, and arms. Some of them are hidden in some discrete spots. Our treatment makes sure that all dark spots or unwanted freckles are being treated with our laser procedure. *

Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of undesirable facial hair? Do you want to find a solution to your unwanted facial hair? *

Our exceptional laser hair removal treatment can help you with that. With our treatment, you will never have to wax, tweeze, or shave your unpleasant hair. Our laser treatment for hair removal is a convenient and a long-term solution to lessen or remove growing of hair everywhere on your face. *

At Skinlastiq, we make use of the top-notch quality product Cynosure Elite MPX Laser System. It is a safe and cost-effective treatment for all kinds of skin. *

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* The results described or shown will vary based on a variety of factors