A close up of peptides

Why You Should Add Peptides to Your Skincare Routine

The term peptides may sound familiar, but you probably don’t know much about this skin care ingredient. Here’s a little bit more about why you should be including in your routine.

Woman applying skin care product

4 Skincare Tips for When You’re Sick

When you have a worn-down body, use over-the-counter meds, or just blow your nose all day long, it’s often hard to keep up your skin care routine. Here are a few tips for keeping your skin looking its best...

woman with uneven skin texture

What causes uneven skin texture?

A buildup of dead cells can make your skin's texture uneven, which can contribute to making you look older. At Skinlastiq, we offer a full range of treatments to revitalize your appearance.

Niacinamide for skin care

Niacinamide Helps Improve Skin Health

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a important water soluble vitamin that is not produced by the body. The vitamin has been incorporated into skincare products and it is an important nutrient to maintain good health.