The Superior Body Procedures We Offer

The human body is continually changing as time passes by. The sad part of body changes is when you get pregnant or aging. When you are pregnant, you usually gain significant weight and loss, and when you are aging, it is just natural to see wrinkles on our face and body.

Nonetheless, undesirable body changes can be quite hard to deal with. Some people stay in good shape just by following a balanced diet and regular physical activity. However, for other individuals, dieting and exercising may not be sufficient. Luckily, there are various treatment options available to get back to a beautiful, healthy body frame.

Our practitioners at SkinlastiqMedSpa are highly trained in in non-surgical options for patients finding for tightening, toning, smoothing, and slimming down treatments. We understand the needs of other people for a non-invasive treatment. Hence, we provide you a wide range of non-invasive treatments that can give you outstanding results with less to no recovery time.

The Body CoolSculpting Procedure

The body CoolSculpting is a procedure that involves non-invasive process designed to lessen the isolated fatty deposits through the abdomen, arm, lower back, and thigh areas. This procedure is done by using and applying a cold temperature, Cryolipolysis on the target area. With this, the fact cells in the body will be damaged and get dissolved and removed out from the body safely.

The CoolSculpting procedure is safe for the tissues surrounding the targeted area. Moreover, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction to remove fat cells. It further offers significant results without any form of the discomforts and downtime of surgery.

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Our Revolutionary Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The laser hair removal is one of our revolutionary treatments and procedures that can remove unwanted hair safely from any parts of the face or body. It doesn’t include surgery. It only uses an advanced laser technology in removing hair. The most common areas that are treated with this procedure are the sectors that include the arms, armpit, back, bikini area, and legs.

The laser energy is produced or delivered by a tiny handpiece that travels down the hair shaft to ruin the follicle. Within two weeks, the hair will be expected to fall out and never to grow again. Every session of the painless laser hair removal takes less than half an hour.

Our State of the Art IPL Photofacial Treatment

The IPL treatment is a form of noninvasive treatment that is designed to enhance the appeal of a sun damage hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The procedure that comes with the treatment involves the use of an intensive, high intensity of laser light’s beam. This beam is where the energy travels, which will then be transferred to the lower layers of the dermis when it is pointed into the targeted area.

The energy will be absorbed by the dark cells, which then slowly dissolve and are safely taken by the body. Our state of the art IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment can significantly enhance the appearance of the skin by lightening up the freckles, fading the age spots, decreasing areas of sun damage, and alleviating the redness from Rosacea.

Our Radical Sclerotherapy Procedure

The Sclerotherapy procedure makes use of injections from an extremely fine needle to develop the appearance of the spider veins and treating smaller varicose veins. The procedure above also relieves related symptoms, including swelling, cramping, burning, and aching. Every treatment session frequently results in a removal of about half to eighty percent of injected veins.